Anwen Roberts

Day 27: Zero day in Wrightwood

In the morning the group of us went for breakfast before splitting off for errands. My day off ended up being a full day of town chores – post office, groceries and laundry. I ran into Fancypants and Bucket that afternoon at the hardware store while I was shopping for sunglasses. They had done the road walk too – and Squatchie and Rally were doing it today. Apparently I had started something.

“I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone!” I said. “I kind of wish I’d just done the trail.” I picked up a pair of ridiculous heart shaped sunglasses. “What do you think?” I asked.

“You have to get those,” Fancypants insisted.

I also bought a sheet of Tyvek to replace my foil emergency blanket as a ground sheet for my tent.

Back at the hotel room we has accumulated more company. Kat, Cool Breeze and Cuban B had joined us for the night, so we all had to get creative with space to fit eight of us on two beds, one couch, and the remaining floor space. Julien and Marathon John, although each sleeping elsewhere, also squeezed into the room to visit with us, making the space extra cozy.

Around dinner time someone brought up the fact that it was Cinco De Mayo and that we should all go out.

The only Mexican restaurant in town was serving margaritas for a penny with an entrĂ©e. I wasn’t really hungry, but ended up ordering a mess of beans, cheese and guacamole, which tasted amazing and felt horrible. A local who was celebrating his birthday chatted us up at our massive hiker table.

“I work at the mini mart,” he told us. “Come by in the morning and I’ll give you some free stuff!”

That night as I tried to sleep the rumbling of my stomach seemed to dominate the silence in our crowded room of eight. My head pounded from the single margarita I’d consumed. My alcohol tolerance while on trail had become impressively low, thanks to being constantly dehydrated. Tomorrow I would have to road walk to the trailhead – something I’d been dreading, now made more of a challenge with my inevitable hangover. I promised myself I would stop drinking when in town, but as I slipped out of consciousness a small voice in my head – familiar and annoying – reminded me that willpower had never been my strong suit.

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    July 9, 2015

    Driiiiiink. Driiiiiiiink!!!

    Also, your eyebrows are becoming impressively non-existent from the sun.

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      July 9, 2015

      It’s just the photo. You should see how impressively bushy they are getting from months of poor grooming.